Inclined Forming Wire for Tissue Papermaking

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  • Hydraulic headbox with conical manifold, forming jet width is 2,780mm.
  • Suction breast roll, with two suction chambers, Ø910mm.
  • Foil for dewatering and wire stabilization, with high-density PE covering and the box is made of stainless Steel.
  • Driving roll, Ø468mm.
  • (x2) Two wire rolls, Ø307mm.
  • Complete set with stretcher (mechanical-pneumatic), automatic-pneumatic guider, cleaning doctors, high and low pressure showers, trays and access platforms & walkways for inspection.
  • Forming wire:
    • Perimeter: 13,500mm.
    • Width: 2,900mm.
  • Drive system:
    • Complete mechanical drives, including gearboxes, coupling, frame and guards.
    • Electric drive and motors are not included.