Suction Press & Felt System for Tissue Papermaking

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  • Pick-up, pneumatically oscillating, with suction slice and high-density PE covering.
  • (x2) Two suction boxes with 1 single slot, before the press, box body in stainless Steel with high-density PE.
  • Two (x2) suction presses:
    • Diameter: Ø665mm
    • Shell face width: 3,090mm, suction width is adjustable (maximum 2,900mm), with one single suction chamber
    • Pneumatic pressure system, operating pressure up to 80kN/mL
    • Also existing another full suction press as spare part
  • (x7) Seven felt rolls, Ø283mm.
  • (x2) Two conditioning boxes with 1 single slot, box body in stainless Steel and covering foils in high-density PE.
  • Complete set with stretcher (mechanical-pneumatic), automatic-pneumatic guider, cleaning doctors, high and low pressure showers, trays and access platforms & walkways for inspection
  • Felt:
    • Perimeter: 21,000mm.
    • Width: 3,050mm.
  • Drive system:
    • Complete mechanical drive including gearbox, coupling cardan and guards.
    • Electric motor and drive are not included.