Tissue Machine 30tpd 2,500mm

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Ref. CPT162

Paper width in pope reel: 2,500mm
Operating speed: 650m/min
Type: Fourdrinier
Grammage range: 16.5 - 35 g/m2
Production capacity: 25 - 30 Tpd



Approach-flow System:

  • Fan pump, EGGER, with TW rotor, electric motor & inverter.
  • Pressurized screen, with Ø2mm holes basket.

Tissue Machine:

  • Hydraulic headbox, including feeding conical manifold and internal diffuser. It is provided with pressure transmitter for the automatic control of jet speed. Forming slice width is 2,555mm.
  • Flat Forming wire (Fourdrinier), with following main components:
    • Cantilevered supporting frame, made of painted carbon steel with main beams covered with stainless steel plate.
    • Breast roll, Ø520mm, face width 2,700mm.
    • 1 Forming board, with ceramic covering.
    • 3 Foils boxes, 3 foils in each box, covering with high density PE.
    • 2 Foils boxes, 2 foils in each box, covering with high density PE.
    • 1 Vacuum-foil, with 7 foils and covering with high density PE.
    • 2 Suction boxes, with ceramic covering.
    • Driving roll, Ø520mm, 2,700mm face width.
    • Set of wire rolls, Ø240mm, 2,700mm face width.
    • 1 Wire guider, automatic-pneumatic.
    • 2 Wire stretcher (tensioner), automatic-pneumatic.
    • Complete set of wire cleaning showers, high and low pressure.
  • Felt System and press applied on the Yankee cylinder:
    • Frames in painted carbon steel.
    • Pick-up composed of (x2) rolls with Ø250mm and 2,700mm face width, and one central suction box with two foils covered ceramic. Oscillation System is made by means pneumatic jacks.
    • Set of felt rolls, Ø250mm, 2,700mm face width.
    • 1 Felt guider, automatic-pneumatic.
    • 1 Felt stretcher, mechanical-manual.
    • 1 Complete set of felt conditioning showers, high and low pressure.
    • 7 Suction boxes, with ceramic covering. Felt conditioning suction boxes are with double slot. dewatering suction boxes are with single slot.
    • 1 Blind drilled press, Ø550mm, face width 2,700mm, with pneumatic pressure system.
  • Yankee cylinder and Hood
    • Yankee cylinder, Ø3,000mm, made of cast iron. Maximum operating pressure 4.2 bar. Including steam feeding system with thermo-compressor, and condensate exhaust system. With pendular driving gearbox equipped with central oil lubrication system.
    • 3x doctors applied on the Yankee cylinder (cutting, creping and cleaning). Application and relief controlled by pneumatic panel.
    • Gas fired hood, mono-system type, with heat recovery system. Maximum blowing temperature is 450ºC. The electric motors of the main fans are equipped with frequency inverters in order to adjust the power consumption during production, as well as temperature control system that modulates the gas burner flame. Opening system is controlled pneumatically.
  • QCS System and pope reel:
    • A scanner with a radioactive header (85Kr) is available (Radioactive source is not included in scope of supply) for the measurement of paper grammage and humidity (visualization of the cross profile). There is also automatic regulation for the grammage valve and steam feed valve so as to regulate the paper moisture (The scanner is currently out of use, although the supplier is still operating).
    • Pope reel, manual, with pneumatic pressure control. The paper is rolled directly on bars with cardboard tube (core) Øint.76mm. Maximum diameter of the final reel is 1,950mm.
  • Other auxiliary systems:
    • Vacuum System, NASH pump with 315kW electric motor for the vacuum requirement of the machine: vacuum in forming wire and felt system.
    • Water high-pressure pump, for wire and felt cleaning showers.
    • Machine driving System, composed of (x4) four DC electric motors, with the corresponding electric control panels. Drive points are: Wire driving roll, Blind drilled press, Yankee cylinder and Pope reel
    • Existing spares belonging to the tissue machine Ref. CPT162, such as rolls, presses, foils, clothings, etc.

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